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Friends With Lights by Judi Lynch on Amazon

Friends With Lights

Friends with Lights is an amazing true story written by Psychic Medium and Healing Channel Judi Lynch. When Judi re-opened her abilities as a psychic and healing channel, she had a visitor she never expected... He found someone who could give him directions. She found someone she didn't know was lost. After that, it was one message and healing miracle after another. Miraculous, exciting and inspiring. A true story about awakening and ascension...and the ability to communicate beyond this dimension.

Conscious Ascension by Judi Lynch on Amazon

Conscious Ascension

Conscious Ascension By Psychic Medium & Healing Channel Judi Lynch is a collection of articles, true stories, testimonies and experiences about the amazing power of the spiritual evolution in a new era. Miraculous, inspiring, enlightening information to help lift the frequency of the spiritual consciousness to higher thought and ability.

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Interview with Sifu Boggie

The Way of Judi Lynch - I was a guest on The Way of Consciousness with Sifu Boggie from London, UK on October 26th, 2017. Thanks so much! I had a great time talking with you!

Huffington Post Interview/Article

huff post

I was contacted by The Huffington Post for my 2015 Super Bowl Prediction. I decided to be a good sport and play along. Here is the Link:

My interview with Jason Zuk on the Social Psychic Radio Show June 7th, 2018

Great speaking with Jason!