Psychic Signs/Communicating with Your Guides and Loved Ones

JANUARY 13TH, 2018-This event involves a discussion on signs, synchronicities and visits from spirit and the evolution of your metaphysical skills in interpreting them. How to adjust your energy field to reach the higher vibration during meditation or times of stillness. Also, the presence of spirit guides and angels during times of great need. How spirit is able to channel through to us if we are aware and listening. A Spirit guide/healing light energy meditation is included in this event.

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I joined at a later date (not live) and I still felt the energy and my hands are still tingling. Judi is one of the most amazing souls that I have ever met. Her readings and meditations, I have just never felt anything so powerful.  Chanda B.Sep 17, 2017


The Holistic Mystic Expo

Mama  Ru

I am excited to announce that I will be offering readings/healing meditations, signing books, etc. (in Space # 70) at Mama Ruby’s Holistic Mystic Fair in Owensboro, KY April 13th, 14, & 15th! You can order tickets here: